Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 beta 1

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1
It's here! Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. It has new features such as WebSlices, and Activities. The activities are interesting, but I havent had a great opporitunity to use them yet. I cant quite figure out how to use webslices at all. A new cool feature I just found was a change in the manage add-ons page. It looks like this:
Cool huh?
Not really... I've found that the new beta has issues displaying sites correctly, even though it passed the acid2 test (The acid2 test is a smiley face that determines how good your browser is). On the page im cuurrently on, posting this blog, The publish and save as buttons are half there, and half gone. The title bar text is about 4 screens down and 2 to the left....
The features are cool, but not cool enough for an upgrade from ie7. I'd recommend waiting until ie8 beta 2 comes out, and then upgrading. If not then, then get the release contidate (RC1). Itll be solid.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Windows XP SP3 is the next and final update to Windows XP. Microsoft is halting all support for the old operating system and switching everything over to Vista and Server 2008 as soon as Mid-2009. This update fixes some bugs, and adds some new vista features to XP. Yahoo says it adds Windows Readyboost technology... but strangely the Yahoo Tech page has been deleted...
Please remember, if you install this you will then have to uninstall it prior to accepting the update from windows update.
Download RC2 (Release Cantidate 2)

Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) is the next update to microsoft's Windows Vista Operating System. This update "addresses reliability and performance issues, and provides support for new hardware and several emerging standards" (Microsoft)
The update is currently only available to Technet and MSDN Subscribers, but it will be available as a free download from windows update in "mid-March".
I used the beta of the service pack in December and I thought it was well worth it. Of course, this time around I wont have a branding on my wallpaper.

AOL Instant Messenger 6.8

This Beta is the newest version of AIM. It works great, and looks the part. Honestly however, I havent used an AIM client since 6.1 came out (ive been using trillian astra up til now) so I dont really know the changes from teh previous versions. So cool features I found are the color changer, multi account interface, Quick Invisible and Away Buttons, and AIM Tunes. You can download this from AOL here

Safari Public Beta

The Safari Public beta is Apples popular internet browser... for the PC. It claims to go faster then even firefox, and has plug-ins as well. On the down side, it is a beta... and there are many holes in the workings. There have been a few trojans known to get through its walls, so I recommend being careful while using this. In my personal opinion, it doesnt go very fast, especially not when compared to a hacked Internet Explorer! (See here: The Tech Spot)
It does look nice though, and its a must if you are using flyakite osx or something like that.
Download it here

Welcome to Beta Central!

Hi, My name is Laser. I have just created this blog because Ive been searching around the internet to find a nice site for betas.... but guess what... I didnt find any!
This site is for those of you who love beta testing (because we all know that most betas are really very functional) and need links and such. I personally will jump at any oporitunity to have a software before anyone else, I dont know about you. On my site will be betas, links to download them, and reviews. Please feel free to write reviews yourself in the comments.
I hope you enjoy the site!
Also, remember I also have another page for computer help and news at