Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 beta 1

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1
It's here! Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. It has new features such as WebSlices, and Activities. The activities are interesting, but I havent had a great opporitunity to use them yet. I cant quite figure out how to use webslices at all. A new cool feature I just found was a change in the manage add-ons page. It looks like this:
Cool huh?
Not really... I've found that the new beta has issues displaying sites correctly, even though it passed the acid2 test (The acid2 test is a smiley face that determines how good your browser is). On the page im cuurrently on, posting this blog, The publish and save as buttons are half there, and half gone. The title bar text is about 4 screens down and 2 to the left....
The features are cool, but not cool enough for an upgrade from ie7. I'd recommend waiting until ie8 beta 2 comes out, and then upgrading. If not then, then get the release contidate (RC1). Itll be solid.

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